The Fool
Only a Fool tries to steal a war rig. But only a Fool answers the Call. The call to adventure, the call of the wild, the call of the spirit. You’re being called now. Hear it? That otherworldly Voice howling out of the Wasteland?

Reason says don’t listen. Don’t go. Don’t heed.

Naivety says jump off the cliff. Expect nothing. Trust your gut.

Ride the fury road.

REVERSED: You better listen to reason, Fool.
The Magician
Mistress before Gods or man. You do not doubt her mastery or her power. The Suits obey her and her Will is total and complete. Her war rig awaits, the Wheel in her hand. The World is laid at her feet.

Now. Pick up what you can carry. And run.

REVERSED: Not prepared or willing, were you?
The High Priestess
She points the way to the unknown. Your life is about to change. Hear it? Calling like a furious vexation on the wind? Trust your gut. Listen to the wind. You can sense a change in the weather.

REVERSED: You better listen when the sky screams of hidden agendas. You don’t want to know what hides in the water.
The Imperatrix
The Imperatrix will see you now. Most splendid of mothers, a treasure of countless worth. She calls you to remember that you are one of her treasures. Receive her into your heart and mind and feel the pulse of the Green Place beat through your skin.

REVERSED: You are trapped. You've lost your power, you gave it away.
The Devil
The Moon
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