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A.N. Hunt - Photographer Imperator

What is Tarot Apocalyptica?


After being asked for the *third* time about doing a tarot deck of my own, I began to shoot the Major Arcana of that self-same deck.  I'm shooting it card by card over the next however many years it takes. 


Inspired by All of the Things in my head--and especially George Miller’s Mad Max franchise -- I have committed to a series of work unlike anything I’ve ever done before in terms of scope and time invested.


I have a vision of two exhibitions, the first at the completion of the Major Arcana, and the second at the completion of the Minor, where the entire deck will be displayed.


It will be massive.  Seventy-eight 20x30 giant images, if not bigger, with at least one additional wild card, along with all of the props and costumes that I will be creating for the shoots (that don’t go home with the models who will wear them).  On top of that, the completed images will become a working tarot deck and an art book.  


I'm not kidding. It's going to be massive.  



At a minimum, I’m looking at seventy-nine possible months of work.  Call it six years and some change. If all goes well, the Majors will complete in 2018/2019.  The Minors some time in 2023.  Yeah.


But for now, I’m staying small.  One card at a time.


Witness me.

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